Going gets uneasy,
but makes my return so sweet;
Revisiting the beginning,
can boost the will to meet.

A lot may change, I agree,
but not to miss the roots;
My soul laid the foundation,
to cherish the growing shoots.

From high above the Boeing
meadows looked so green;
The flight to my home
was sure gonna make a team.

The joy of just a glimpse of them
would fill my eyes with tears;
How it finally dawned on me
that love was never so clear.

She hugged and cried
while he prided in my growth;
My sister jumped in joy
as Murphy lost his north.

They would spoil me day and night
purely out of love;
Had missed my presence all through
now treating like a dove.

Life can bring you roses
but only with your folks;
As I unravel the true love
that had put under the locks.

Home is where I belonged to
even when I went;
Love and warmth of family
must always smell like a scent.

~ Col AC

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