Ode to a Soldier


He chose to become what others couldn’t dare;

A man of honour to be found so very rare.

Sacrificing everything for the ashes of his father;

A selfless man proudly serving his native mother.

He neither feels cold nor the scorching heat;

From North to South he sets his marching feat.

Committed to protect his land and the human race;

He rambles across the woods knowing what to face.

He defends, he battles wearing a thorny crown;

He inspires and emboldens but never lets us down.

Weighed down by his rucksack full of blue emotion;

A soldier works for glory not for self-promotion.

A medal for infinity covers the wound of his chest;

Scars on his mind remain rooted deep in his nest.

The comrades in his arms make the best dream;

Even when they fail, the spirit never stops to scream.

Fall he may in the face of tiring wars;

The soul lives forever beneath the scores of scars.

Angels fly to receive him as the darling growl and cries;

But the silence shouts to tell them that a soldier never dies.

                            – Col AC


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