My name is ‘HU-MAN’ and I am NOT an atheist. I not only believe in GOD but also love him. I am fully conscious of the truth that without Him, we all are nonentity, absolutely nothing. I am also sensitive to the fact that those who scorn at the name of God are pessimists because God’s name and His being offer peace and positivity in life and not pessimism. Anyone who has seen Hindi movie “Oh my God’ will agree with me that  even the biggest of non believer at some point in time will realize the truth that God controls and guides all living beings.

          So, the question comes if I am a believer in God, why am I so judgmental and critical of all the rituals associated with His being. Does it reflect my superficiality in believing Him just because I can’t afford to remain on His wrong side, or does it confirm that I grudge the semantic due to my lack of knowledge about Him? I am yet to analyse both the reasons.

          I have always been surrounded by hardcore God loving (or, is it God fearing!!) people in my life. My mother has been following a particular faith since last two decades and my sister too has risen (not fallen) for the same belief system. And, now, my wife also follows a different set of religious belief. For me it has been a case of                                 “Shiva vs Krsna”. All this should be very encouraging to me, isn’t it? Yes it is, because, if nothing, it fills my home with virtuous and Godly atmosphere. Yes, it does. But then why am I leaving myself out of all the goodness surrounding me? Maybe, because I have my own set of rules to follow Him. Actually, the only rule to follow Him is to love him. My mother and wife will question me on this since God cannot be loved or hated as per one’s own whims and fancies, I agree. God has to be loved unconditionally without any set of rules. I have no set of rules and that could be the main reason for my predicament and negativity emerging out of the shackles which, in my opinion, have chained the freedom of thought in respect of people who set their own rules to believe in God. May be that I am spiritual and not religious.

          I have had very fruitful and healthy discussion on this topic with my mother and wife both. But most of the times I have emerged as a villain who questions the very foundation of these set of rules. Never have I intended to disrespect those who follow a particular belief system. I have always believed that religion is for the mankind and not vice versa. It is not meant to be subjugated and forced on anyone. There is no place for fantasies and fanaticism with respect to God. India is supposed to be the place from where religion and its associated goodness have emerged. We all have inherited it from our culture. But, looking around us will reveal the naked truth that our edginess and bigotry towards each other has ruined the basic foundation of our religious virtues. I am equally responsible for it. I am of the opinion that all the problems related to ‘faith’ have emerged out of “My God is better than yours” attitude. I understand that every learned person has a logical approach to the facts related to his belief which may seem viable but are equally debatable. But what right do we have to negate others’ theory and prove own as God’s own.

          As far as I am concerned, I neither have a theory nor any intention to prove anyone wrong. But, yes, I reserve the right like everyone else to trust in Him the way I want. Let’s not treat others as lesser mortals because they do not subscribe to a particular set of rules and views associated with those rules. Let’s also not act as an authority on moral and religious policing. And, to top it all, let’s just worship Him and not any human being because religious masters in ‘Kalyug’ are susceptible to selfish motives. The Asarams and Nirmal Babas have done little to restore sacrosanct standards in the mankind. It’s all about the intimate fight to the throne, a very corrupt and shameless desire to outdo the other with an aim to blur the otherwise clear vision of the masses.

I wish to promise Him today that I will neither grudge anyone’s faith nor will  question their fundamental right to belief. I will continue to support them and draw requisite happiness out of their religious inclination. Yes, I will.  I also wish to assure my loved ones that only thing that I value is ‘Him’ and ‘them’. Always!!

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